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is a selection of measuring instruments, clocks, barometer, thermohygrometer and other again. Where the ranges diversification ranges over between tradition and innovation, in which the typical “marine chest” is available in opening or fixed version, it has different quadrant and finitures, from the easy clock to tide indicator. Not to case, only the instruments of the mark nobler than in the sector, make our range of product, all charaterized by materials and high quality components and reliability that only those who have passion for their work can provide. ISTRUMENT by Foresti & Suardi is a further example of how our Company intends the relation with the customers, basing it on the quality and reliability of the products and always listening to the desires and expectations of anyone who would like to equip or furnish his yacht or home with objects signed by with a name that is, and always will be, a guarantee.

Strumentazione di bordo